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Pauls Ears

Focus on Pauls Ears

For many years Pauls hearing has baffled the top Doctors and Surgeons at Twyford General. Recently with his entry into the Bull Private Health Care Scheme (BPHCS for short) he has undergone extensive tests in the Ear, Nose & Throat Department.

Their findings were as follows:

Body Part Doctors Findings
Ears Paul has the amazing ability to hear when someone makes a move for the coffee machine. This is an extrodinary skill that has been developed over the years. On one occation Paul volenteered to buy the coffees. However it was then discovered that the machine had been left on 'Free-Vend' by the Engineer.
Nose In a clinical test Doctors at Cheadle Royal Infirmary (Cheadle, Cheshire, UK) opened a packet of Tescos Doughnuts on the 3rd floor of ther research lab. Amazing within 2.8 seconds, 220 miles away in the Hemel Computer room in the rack next to the main Hemel Netbuilder II Router Paul was heard to say "Mmmm I smell Doughnuts"
Throat As Warrant Officer for the Twyford Girl Guides Club Paul prides himself on his Posh Public School Accent. However this Public School accent does not decend from an Eton, Harrow or Stowe background but more from the Reading Public Toilets near the A4 & A329 Junction.

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