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Pauls Hair

Focus on Pauls Hair

Pauls golden locks have often been admired by his colleages and friends. Even 'Slaphead' McCullough admired the 'Army' cut that Paul parades in front of the Comms racks. In fact the comms racks were specially ordered with highly reflective glass so that FB can look at himself while he is working.

Pauls hair is not actually his own. Instead he has invested in a range (of different lengths so it looks like hes had his hair cut sometimes) of Llama wigs. These are created from genuine Lama hair at Pauls Lama farm on theTwyford downs.

The Lama shown below is called 'Flossy', she is one of Pauls favourites, aparently its just the right height (Ed: I dont know what for though ?)

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