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Missing Items

Can You Help ?

The following 2 items were stolen from Room 12 of the P & J Hotel, Nottingham, England on or about 10th May 1997.

Article 1.

Ladies full size (44DD) Brassiere. Lacy design with quick release straps

Article 2.

Ladies Panties & Suspender set. Never worn

The follow item was stolen from ND-Networks on or about 21st January 1997.

Article 3.

Sydney (Tetley teaman). Sydney was last seen in his usual place on the PC on 21st January 1997. Nothing has been heard from him since. However, Interpol received an anonymous tipoff that he has visited both Southern Africa, Monte Cargo & Scandinavia in the last 3 months. On each occasion his captors have evaded the authorities.

If you have any information as to their whereabouts you should mail the Incident Desk at the address below. You maybe eligable for a community award

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Last Updated 16th May 1997