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Last Updated 3pm Monday 8th Sept 97

Bennett - The Interactive Tour - Now Available !

My new address is

Please change my entry in your mail package NOW !

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At long last - Bennett the Interactive tour is online, click on the link below to access it

Please let me know if your comments by filling in the form at the bottom of this page

Welcome to Wyes World Web. This is your page so if you have any comments please use the form at the bottom of this page to let me know. Planet Bennett Will be appearing here soon.

Wyes World Web is written in Full JAVA (Unlike Blobbys poor HTML pages).


Bennett - The Interactive Tour Now Open.

Checkout Fatboy Bennetts Home Page Rubbish

Live Web-Cam of Paul Bennetts Desk.

Checkout a Live Piccy of Oslo (Where James is going to live !

My Hobbies:

I've been Lumbered with a Laguna V6 (Automatic !) for the Time being, the Cruise Control is cool, Just set it to 140 and away you go.

Coming soon to the Net.......

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