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Slovakia Trip

Slovakia Trip Report

The following report is a true account of the events of my recent visit to Slovakia

This is where we stayed at 'Zdiar' in the High Tatra Mountains, its about 50km from Poprad. This is the Prime Ministers holiday cottage. I actually slept in the Prime Ministers bed I think (but luckily not at the same time !) Notice the right side of the building is infact a top secret communcations centre but its top secret so I can't tell anyone about it.


This is me in the Sauna at the Cottage (Oops, I forgot that the Sauna wasn't working). )

This is the view from the Cottage. It actually stopped raining on one day

This is the view from the Bus stop in Zdiar. I was really cold because it was so windy. Janka & Marika were nice & warm because they had gloves & scarfs.

This is 'The Lake'. There are 110 Lakes in the High Tatras. You can see the ski jump in the distance. I would have taken a picture of the Waterfalls but it was too cold & icy to see them.

Janka & Marika presented me with some traditional Slovakian wood musical instruments that they made themselves in the dark winter evenings. Click below to hear me play them

Traditional Whistle - Playing a traditional Snake Charming Tune from Slovakia

Wooden Rattle - In Slovakia it is the tradition for the boys to wave their rattles to attract the girls

Some Facts & Figures about Janka & things she told me:

Janka was born in the 17th Century, However considering she is over 300 years old she looks very nice
Janka told me that she weighs only 5kg. I think this must be true, otherwise we would have overloaded the lift at the apartment (Me & Andy = 160 Kg, Therefore Marika= 85 Kg & Janka = 5 Kg. That sounds about right = 250 Kg Max Load)
Jana told me not to bring any warm clothes as it was hot in Slovakia. (It rained and snowed most of the time we were there !). I still have a cold & flu from the trip.
Its only 50km from Brastislava to Poprad (!). Everywhere in Slovakia is 50km away from where you are
Her favourite piece of clothing is a Green Skirt from Poprad
Janka likes Irish Music (The same tape over and over again for 5 hours on the way back from Zdiar !)
Like me, She is an expert at the Waltz, Polka & Tango
Janka likes the Spice Girls, she knows their names
Janka has long Blonde hair (thats what Andy told me), although she has dyed it red at the moment.
Her favourite food is Spicy Sausage morning, noon & midnight snack
Janka thinks she saw a werewolf out of the window of the cottage & heard it on the roof

Return to Bratislava

I am returning to see the sights of Bratislava at Easter. Because I am grown up now I might get the Bus from Vienna to Bratislava on my own. This will not be a problem because I speak such good Slovak. Although I can't remember where we got the Bus. If it is cold or raining in Vienna when I arrive then I will get the Bus to Prague or Milan, Janka has promised that it will be warm and sunny in April.
While I am there, if I have time, I might go and see Janka for 2 minutes. But maybe not !

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